To be able to reach the Uhuru peak on the altitude 5895 m, we contracted the guide Allan William and his crew. The mission needed eight porters for food and other necessary things for survival. The expedition took us six days from the gate at altitude 1700 m through Mandara hut at altitude 2700 m. The first trip was approximately 10 km and took us 2 hours and 30 minutes and was a quite easy walk. The next two days started with a walk about 15 km to Horombo hut and a stay over two days to acclimatize on the altitude 3700 m. Everything was ok so far, no headache.
The last day before starting the climb included a walk from altitude 3700 m to altitude 4800 m at Kibo hut. The tour from Kibo to Uhuro is the most difficult and the hardest part to endure. It is very steep and we started to walk at midnight, the temperature was around zero degrees and it was snowing. Two hours later the moon came out and temperature fell to minus 15 degrees.
Allan our guide was very professional and we kept up a good pace. He is a experienced mountain man with over 15 years as porter and guide. He told us that the glacier is melting rapidly and the melt-away is increasing due to the global warming.


Two and a half hours led us to belive that we would be able to reach the Gilmans point at altitude 5650 m and then continue the short walk to Uhuro peak at 5895 m. We couldn’t have been more wrong, it took us around 6 hours to Gilmans point from Kibo. We all started to have some small problems such as headache, freezing on fingers and feet. After a short break we started the walk on the rim up to Uhuro. After about 20 minutes my problems started. My fingers and feet started to freeze. Soon I committed a mistake. I tried to walk a little faster to race up to Torgny, who went ahead. Suddenly it became harder to concentrate, it felt like I was drunk. My perception was low and I stumbled around. Finally I reached Uhuro peak tired and frozen. Allan acted quickly and ordered one of our porters, Joaquim to walk me down to the Kibo camp. If he had´nt acted so fast I would probably have lost my fingers.

Åke our oldest member (58 years old) in our climbing crew reached the peak one hour after me – a very impressive performance.

The last days of walking Kibo- Uhuro- Kibo took us about 12 hours including drinking pauses. All of us were very happy with the hike and we will strongly recommend others to climb Kilimanjaro – with the aid of professional guides. This expedition has given me a lot of new experiences, stunning pictures and great memories.


More pictures from the Kilimanjaro tour.

Allan William Trecking