Our research took us back to Jane Charles farm in Kiminini again. Today the aim of the research was to estimate the volume of the different tree species. The previous day was a research of how many labour intensive their agroforestry plantation is. The data is needed to do the net present value calculation.

Tree estimation is more about to help the farmers to set up a price list. Today a rougher guestimate guides the price when you do forest business in Kenya: big tree, medium tree and small tree and so forth. We collected height, diameter in breast height and then used a Swedish forest calculation program. In Kenya it will be a wile before a set price lists, forest guidelines and thinning guides. We hope our work here constitutes a good start.

To our help we had Anne Cheruto, divisional head in Kiminini and Judith who works as a volunteer at Vi-skogen in Kitale.


A Swedish Forrest Engineer in action / En svensk skogsmästare i arbete