Vi Agroforestry Center in Kitale.

We have now arrived in Kitale where the project will take place. Before we started the project we have done a small job in Nairobi. The task was to revise an orienteering map in Uhuru Park, Park of Liberty) in central Nairobi. To make it at all possible we were assisted by Kenyan orienteer, Daniel Kenney, and with his help we managed to find our way around the park. The job was commissioned from a teacher, Lars Andersson in the Swedish orienteering school in Olofström, Sweden.

After mission complete, we meet up with Björn Horvath the Kitale agroforestry project-leader. Driving from Nairobi to Kitale was a new experience. The distance is 400 km and it took us about 8 hours on the biggest highway in Kenya. Sometimes the road was in worse condition than Swedish forest roads. After only one day we have realized that things are different in Kenya and Sweden.

Our first day in the forest closest to Kitale was also a new experience. We have seen a tree which contains about 100 m3 of wood. With kind aid of a Land Rover we have ventured in to the Mount Elgon national park up to 3300 meters over sea level and a wonderful view over the Kitale area. We have already seen lots of new trees and other species. We also went into a cave where elephants lick salt from the walls. Unfortunately we did not see too many animals. We saw some monkeys and water backs and of course bats in the cave.

Tomorrow the project will start up with an introduction from Björn Horvath.


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